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Why boeli so recognisable?


All income materials are bought by proven dealers are regulari tested
We use machines renowned brands and only the best tools available on the market
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Our service is available at any time all days in the week.
We do our best to deliver our products as rapidly as possible.
Reachable 24/7
Online solutons

Boeli . Our Powerful, Amazing, Superb brands

Boeli group

Investment and financial management

Boeli tools

Tool making, mechanical processing

Boeli magneic technology

Development and Manufacture of electro magnetic clutches and brakes

Boeli motors & generators

Development and Production of SMC Powder Core PMSM motors and generators


Boeli wind

Development and Production of small wind turbines

Pi4 graphic design

Industrial design, Advertising agenc

boeli. tools, technology and design

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